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Xenosystems by Nick Land

Xenosystems by Nick Land

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First conceived in 2013 by British philosopher Nick Land, Xenosystems is the ur-text of neoreactionary thought. Pathbreaking, uncompromising, and, as its name suggests, utterly alien, Xenosystems’ cold, often “anti-human” analytical approach to the problems of the early 21st Century provides a clarifying, if equally horrifying lens through which to see our current and future realities.

Presented here in book form for the first time, these selected excerpts, organized around the blog’s main themes of fragmentation, entropy, techno-capital, and political and social disintegration, captures the spirit of neoreaction and the discursive battlefield over which these idea were originally forged.

Please note, this is a pre-order. Xenosystems releases May 21, 2024. 

  • 338 pages on 55lb cream paper
  • Casebound, foil stamped cover
  • Smyth-sewn signatures


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