Passage Publishing was founded in 2022 as an alternative to the increasingly closed-minded worldview of modern mainstream publishing. Enough on this topic has already been written. We take it as self-evident.

Passage’s mission is to push forward new ideas and ways of thinking that can break us out of our cultural and political cul-de-sac and open up new possibilities for art and philosophy. We are also aware that new ideas must spring from an understanding of our history and how we got here. To that end, we also aim to reintroduce books and authors that help tell a more complete story of our past, celebrate its triumphs, and articulate its many lessons and warnings we too often fail to heed.

We publish fiction, non-fiction, poetry, art and anything that can constitute the form of a physical book that will contribute to this mission.

As Ernst Jünger wrote in The Forest Passage, the namesake of our imprint, “Any power struggle is preceded by a verification of images and iconoclasm. This is why we need poets––they initiate the overthrow, even that of titans. Imagination, and with it song, belong to the forest passage.”


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