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Unqualified Reservations: Vol. I by Curtis Yarvin

Unqualified Reservations: Vol. I by Curtis Yarvin

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Volume 1 of 3 of the print version of Unqualified Reservations.

Volume 1 includes:

  • Formalist Manifesto – UR’s first-ever post and a brief summary of the the main themes found throughout the remainder of the work.

  • An Open Letter to Open-Minded Progressives – Over 250 pages detailing the history, meaning, and internal contradictions of the ideology of progressivism. The text that gave us “the Cathedral.”

  • How Dawkins Got Pwned – A critique of the politics of Universalism, its foundations in both English and American strains of Protestantism, and its present manifestations in modern liberal secularism. The first analysis of Wokeism as a religion, a decade before Wokeism was ever conceived.

  • Plus a new intro from Curtis Yarvin, author of UR, looking back on his writing as Mencius Moldbug, and the meaning and current significance of his erstwhile blog.

  • Additionally the book contains detailed endnotes and indexes, with easily scannable links, that preserves the digitally native style of the original blog, while also allowing readers to make sense of the text without any need for a computer.

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