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Ten Years at War: The Peter Kemp Trilogy

Ten Years at War: The Peter Kemp Trilogy

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Few men saw more of the world than Peter Kemp. Starting in 1936, when he was then only a Classics student pursuing a career in law, Kemp set out on a series of adventures through the most tumultuous period in human history. Leaving his comfortable life behind, Kemp volunteered to fight for Franco’s Nationalists during the Spanish Civil War. Seeing the fight as one against international communism, he was one of only a few British volunteers on that side of the much-misunderstood conflict. Kemp recorded his experiences in Mine Were of Trouble, offering an exciting and remarkably even-handed view of the war from the front lines.

Kemp’s next book, No Colours or Crest, picks up where the first left off. Recognized for his bravery and irregular warfare experience, Kemp was recruited by the elite British Special Operations Executive during the World War Two. After a stint with the doomed Small-Scale Raiding Force, carrying out commando raids on the Atlantic Coast, Kemp was tasked as a guerilla liaison in the Balkans and later Poland. Navigating a labyrinth of alliances and betrayals with the anti-Axis guerillas, Kemp witnessed the silent Soviet conquest of the “liberated” territories as the war in Europe drew to a close.

The trilogy concludes with Alms for Oblivion, which sees Kemp reassigned to the South Pacific at the end of WW2 and its chaotic aftermath. Although initially parachuted in to fight the Japanese, Kemp soon found himself battling American- and Soviet-backed terrorists alongside local leaders, surrendered troops, and a smattering of European holdouts. Juggling the roles of soldier, smuggler, and spy, Kemp provides a rare look at this forgotten period of history.

Collected into a single volume for the first time ever, these books have much to offer researchers and pleasure readers alike. Mystery Grove Publishing Company is proud to make the works of one of civilization’s greatest unsung heroes accessible to the general public once again.

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