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Passage Prize Volume II: Rewilding (Patrician Edition)

Passage Prize Volume II: Rewilding (Patrician Edition)

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This hardcover cloth-bound edition of the Passage Prize anthology honors the very best in new art and literature paired with the very best in artisanal bookmaking; a sublimely produced object with centerpiece quality.

The anthology features art, fiction, essays, and poetry from a roster of professional and novice craftsmen alike, working well beyond the increasingly narrow boundaries of our moribund mainstream culture. 

Some call it “outsider” art, others call it “dissident” art. Whatever the label, what binds this work is its quality, the bright heat of life and human blood that emanates from these pages. Nowhere else will you find anything like this.

Great art requires patronage. Support the culture you want to see in the world.

Book specifications

  • 256 full color pages on 80lb semi-coated acid free paper

  • Hand smyth-sewn binding for layflat reading

  • Casebound in forest green cloth with gold foil and inset stamping

  • Marbled endpapers

  • Short-run production of 250 editions inscribed by hand

  • Patrician Status* Bookmark

*Patrician Status

As a Patrician of the Passage Prize you receive priority registration to Passage events, and free access to the annual Passage Prize Awards ceremony; a once-a-year reading celebrating the winning authors and artists of the Passage Prize. 

The first Passage Prize awards will be held in Q1 2024 in Los Angeles.

Patricians are also entitled to free United States shipping throughout the Passage catalog and will receive a finely printed bookmark commemorating their status. 

I purchased the Patrician Edition of Passage Prize Volume 1, do I have Patrician Status? 

Yes. This new program is retroactive and eternal; Patrician Status is earned on any singular purchase of a Patrician Edition.

What about shipping on international orders? 

While we are exploring solutions for scalable international shipping, right now our distribution is central to the United States, and we cannot guarantee the expense of international shipping for our readers abroad.

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