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Noticing: An Essential Reader by Steve Sailer (Paperback Edition)

Noticing: An Essential Reader by Steve Sailer (Paperback Edition)

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“If the meritocracy were real, Steve Sailer would be one of the most famous writers in the world. Someday historians will revere him. In the meantime, read this book.” 
— Tucker Carlson

Noticing: An Essential Reader is the definitive collection of Steve Sailer’s most incisive observations on culture, immigration, class, politics, and human biodiversity. Sailer’s unique approach to the most controversial topics of our time, combining good old-fashioned common sense with a researcher’s eye to the data, has allowed him critical insights into American life that few others see and virtually no one else dares speak out loud. 

  • Interior; 55lb ivory paper, 468 pages
  • Cover; 10pt with french folds, gold foiling on cover and spine
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