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No Colours or Crest: The Secret Struggle for Europe

No Colours or Crest: The Secret Struggle for Europe

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Europe, 1940. Years of rising tension have finally given way to a global catastrophe. Millions mobilize for what would become the most massive and devastating conflict in human history. Great Britain, with a sprawling Empire to protect against the seemingly-unstoppable Axis Powers, is on the defensive.

Returning to his home country just months earlier is Peter Kemp. Kemp was a young law student who volunteered to fight for the Nationalists against the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War. Although seriously injured during that conflict, Kemp’s extensive irregular warfare experience and enormous bravery brought him to the attention of the elite British Special Operations Executive. After a brief time as a commando raider Kemp is thrust into the chaotic world of espionage and guerrilla warfare, parachuting behind enemy lines into the Balkans and later Poland. His duties forced him to fight through an intricate maze of alliances, rivalries, and betrayals among the anti-Axis guerrillas, eventually leading him to imprisonment by his Soviet “allies” in a dungeon outside of Moscow.

Kemp published his story in 1959, one of only a few to detail firsthand this rarely-explored corner of Second Wold War. Although out of print for decades, this paperback and ebook rerelease allows a new generation of readers to enjoy Kemp's thrilling and important work.

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