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After the War: Stories From the Next Regime

After the War: Stories From the Next Regime

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After the War: Stories From the Next Regime asks /ourguys/ to answer the question “What comes next?” Including stories from the likes of Bronze Age Pervert, Raw Egg Nationalist, Mike Anton, and dozens of others plus a foreword from Zero H.P. Lovecraft, this anthology takes readers to Hyperborean battlegrounds, interplanetary space stations, Pacific Island cargo cults, and sinking battleships to imagine our circumstances leading up to, during, and after the great cataclysm that awaits us. This anthology is dedicated to Douglass Mackey, AKA Ricky Vaughn, a victim of the current regime, and to whom all author royalties for this book will be donated in support of his ongoing legal defense fund.

6” x 9”
170 pages printed on 55lb acid-free ivory paper
Perfect binding with red foil stamping on cover & spine

Edited by Woland, Foreword by Zero H.P. Lovecraft
Stories from…
Abdullah Yousef • Aldo Jonsson • Arbogast • Barbaric Disciple • Bones • Bronze Age Pervert • Crusader • Dan Baltic • Degree Studies • Detective Wolfman • Dillon Hamilton • Dig Dug • Dylan Price • Eor Odinson • Endlessbonerz • Faisal Marzipan • Frank Kidd • Gabriel Mamola • Gaston Nerval • Golgi Apparatus • Gladiator • Isaac Young • J.L. Mackey • Dr. John Parce • Justin Lee • Lomez • Lycurgus • Marty Phillips • Mencius Moldbugman • Meta Prime • Michael Anton • Mog The Urbanite • Mustache Baldie • Mythpilot • Noble Red • P.C.M. Christ • Pinewalker • Raw Egg Nationalist • T. Portra • The Next Mazer • T.R. Hudson • V.N. Ebert • William Wheelwright • Woland
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