Passage Prize
Volume 1: Exit from the Longhouse
(Paperback Edition)


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Paperback edition of the first ever Passage Prize book

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A collection of the most vital works of literature and art you will find anywhere. Selected from over 2000 submissions by judges Zero HP Lovecraft, Curtis Yarvin, Benjamin Braddock and Gio Pennacchietti. Same content as the hardcover, but made with more affordable materials and design elements.

  • Over 300 pages of original art and writing
  • Original essays from the judges and editor
  • Digital print

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"In middle of political shouting reminiscent of Balkan village with old men hit each other with canes on street; here is alternative, serene vistas given by Lomez and frends to show another way. Is attempt to nurture through contest new art and cultural production that may jolt readers out of the low and heavy horizon of the gynocracy, and the rediscovery of other, hidden and higher paths.“
-Bronze Age Pervert
"We are in dire need of real art, real artists, and real heart, to get a break from the non-stop lies, poisons, demoralizing empty fluff, and propaganda constantly flooding our senses. [Passage Prize] might be one of the most important and dangerous endeavors at the moment, so all involved deserve great praise.”
– Amanda Milius

“When you look at the absolute state of mainstream cultural production today, it’s easy to become demoralised. And maybe that’s the whole point. Truth is, though, we have everything we need for a right-wing cultural revival, and the Passage Prize is one of the best demonstrations of this fact.”
– Raw Egg Nationalist

“We’ve choked on the ideological poison of the left for so long that that we hardly taste the ugliness, filth and blasphemy as it goes down. The prose, poetry and visual art featured in this book were born out of the understanding that degenerate culture cannot be fixed or improved, but must be replaced by nurturing talent and vision that challenges the anti-values that have dominated postwar American arts & letters.”
– Martyrmade

“Prize competitions gave us Rousseau’s First AND Second Discourses, Schopenhauer’s essay on the Freedom of the Will, and much more. The Passage Prize is a bold and promising step in this noble tradition, and has proven itself already as a vector for top-flight talent that’s a bit too sharp for the square legacy publications”
– Darren J. Beattie

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Globohomo is interested in your kids. And they have had a virtual monopoly on distributed cultural transmission (fancy words for GROOMING) for decades. OG happy warrior Andrew Breitbart, PBUH, put forth that politics is downstream from culture. With that in mind, L0m3z’s ambitious Passage Prize is the boldest attempt to-date to create an alternative soy-free culture and a positive vision of the future.”
– Woke Capital

“Une réalisation culturelle remarquable. Même selon les normes françaises. Le début de quelque chose d’important.”
– Pascal Gobry


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